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We all are unique and the world needs more of that. I believe that my uniqueness began when I got my first strand of grey hair. Many people view gray hair as a sign of getting old and an end to the youthful journey.

In the desire to hold on to the youth we begin the practice of coloring our hair that in the beginning seems like an effortlessly clever idea to put the youthful mask, but from my experience, it later feels like a burden- tiresome and endless. Every time before stepping out to this so-called youthful world you have put your young youth mask. And a point comes where you feel the heaviness of this mask world. So, why create a world where you can’t be yourself, where you struggle every day to look young and perfect?

If you are reading this and you have been someone that has colored your hair to conceal the grey, perhaps you’ll resonate with me. It was painful for me to go out to the salon every week to get my hair done until one day I decided to change my perception of what greying of hair meant to me. Like you can look beautiful and young together at a time without all these artificial things too. We just need to dwell over these thoughts and identify whether it’s necessary for us or not.

A long time back, I stopped coloring my hair and decided to let it go grey look. Trust me, when we step out of the track it is difficult initially, but in a long term scenario, you are a winner. Initially, I had unorganized patches of grey hair and was not confident enough to carry my look and sometimes it forced me to question my decision. It was an awkward phase, but, then I decided to have my hair blow-dried and wore cool head gears- hats, scarves, cool turbans like the 60’s look, etc until there came a point where it looked great in grey. The process made me realize that your acceptance for yourself gives strength to many out there and your idea of being you help the world not to turn artificial.

It’s been a relief now to not feel the need to run to salons to get my hair frantically colored, and it never impacts my trips or events. Even young girls ask me where I got my hair colored from! They thought I had long salon sessions to turn my black hair locks into gray. It’s been liberating, to say the least, and I feel comfortable with the phase I am in my life.

All individuals need to understand that it is not important to certify yourself to adjust to the world. Neither, it is mandatory to force people around you, especially aged ones to color their locks to look young. Let us leave it on individual choice and perception. I decided for myself and it free my spirit from being someone else and honestly, I am enjoying it. If you are someone like me hope this piece is comforting you in being you.

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