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The womanhood paradox

What does it truly mean to be a woman? Even after six decades of existence, I often find myself wondering what the essence of womanhood truly is. It always makes me smile when I see senior women dance like no one’s watching, at some of the events I conduct. They bust moves, throw their heads back and laugh and just […]

Just one moment

One moment can change the day. One day can change your life. One life can change the world.         There’s a story about a mountaineer I love. Let’s call him Hans; Hans had just climbed the Kilimanjaro and he, with his team, was headed back when they found themselves caught in a violent storm. When the storm finally stopped raging, the […]

A fine balance

Should parents be friends with their children? A balance has to be struck. Raman entered the ashram with his shirt torn and a cut across his cheek which was bleeding. “A few boys standing outside were speaking ill of you, Guruji, and so I got into a fight with them,’’ he explained. You should ignore what others say about me, […]

Nature cure

  “Above all, do not lose your desire to walk: every day I walk myself into a state of well-being and walk away from every illness; I have walked myself into my best thoughts and I know of no thought so burdensome that one cannot walk away from it.” — Søren Kierkegaard * Just recently, I went out for a long […]

Breaking Free

Like Tom Hanks in `Castaway’, we are all living on our own islands. Hanks’ character, a social animal like all of us, craved human company, and when he found an old football, he painted eyes, a nose, a mouth on it, and pretended it was a human being. He spoke to it, he laughed, cried, got angry with it. Of […]